Monday, 20 March 2017

Wondering how to help develop your child's fine motor skills?

Let your child try this.........

Finger Strength and Isolation:   
  • doing up buttons and zips
  • finger Rhymes, such as Incey Wincey Spider
  • using tweezers and tongs to pick up objects
  • sqeezing droppers
  • using stickers
  • drawing in shaving cream or wet sand
  • peg up clothes
  • lift up flap stories
  • using sticky tape 
  • sewing/threading activities
  • building with peg boards, paper clips, golf tees
  • peeling fruit, for example mandarins 
  • using spray bottles to water plants
Hand Strength:
  • squeezing wet sponges
  • action songs and rhymes involving tapping and clapping
  • clay, play dough
  • scrunching paper
  • hole punching
  • washing dolls clothes and wringing them out
  • lacing and tying
  • cutting, mixing, squeezing, rolling when cooking for example making pastry
  • hammering 

Monday, 13 February 2017

Welcome BBQ

 Our welcome to school BBQ will be held at preschool and in the junior playground
Wednesday 15th February,
5pm -7pm.

Hope to see you there

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Welcome to Preschool

Introducing our Teaching Team

Carolyn Stolfa

Kristie Sligar

Kelly Hobson

Sue Aylott

We are looking forward to sharing the year ahead.